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College Freshman Burned In Tragic Fire Won’t Be Defeated

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Mother of 3, and now 18yr old Taquarius Wair Shawnee Wair woke up at 3am one morning with roaring smoke coming from her bedroom. Seeing red everywhere Richard Wair brother of Taquarius actually can recall feeling his sister reaching for him. Only able to get her boys out she was later found dead hiding under her bed. Richard describes the horror of seeing his brothers skin peeling from his body like plastic.

Taquarius better known as TQ by his peers doesn’t want to go back not only physically but mentally in mind and doesn't like to talk about or think about it. Shawnee remembers it being hard to look at TQ because of how pink he was she cried for days on days. I'm sure not only for him, but the whole ordeal as a whole losing her daughter in the process. Taquarius went through surgery after surgery with gauze sticking to his wounds as the doctors stretched an pulled his arms it was an excruciating process for anyone let alone a kid. Shawnee recalls other children staring looking, and calling him names. TQ really doesn't remember much about child hood. Life didn't become memorable until he found football at 7rs old where he felt everything is up to him he was unstoppable. not letting people accept your truth about him, but instead letting you know who he is.

Graduating this past year was something special taking the stage with a passionate yell of "I Made IT" beating all the odds placed against him it was now onto a new chapter. College coach Tom Inforzato at Mesabi Range College seen him and thought he had something. Teammate Zlanpo Wenye says he tears up talking about his teammate. saying the best way to describe him is that he has a heart. Where life is hard and it hard to chase your dreams, and feel sorry for yourself and give up. Taquarius his mother says is willing to walk into the unknown.

Check Out The Full Story Here Via ESPN


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