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Chris Brown Strikes Gold... Again

Chris Brown latest album Indigo was made certified August 12, 2019

Chris Brown is the first and only Male R&B artist in history to reach 100M certified RIAA Units. After his latest album Indigo was made certified on August 12, 2019 with his hit single No Guidance featuring Drake.

Labeled the 7th best selling single artist of all time, Brown has sold over 14 million albums in the United States alone. He has sold more albums than your favorite artist such as Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, 50 cent and more. Despite his negative set backs with the media, altercations with other artist and the constant run in with the police, Chris has constantly proved his mental strength and his talent has always over powered the monster inside him. Accused of being a rapist, woman beater, psycho path and a host of other names the media and others have tried to stick on him, Brown has proven he can overcome adversity. In his Netflix documentary "Welcome To My Life" Brown talked about going through depression and contemplating suicide after his big fight with Rihanna. The 30 year old goes into depth about his issues and growing up in fame.

The media seems to talk more about Brown's failures and hardly ever shining light on his accomplishments. Brown stated in his documentary "They gone hate me anyway so Ima make them hate me cause they can't beat me." After constant set back Chris uses his music to make a statement and show that it's not just his talent that has constantly made him number one but his mental toughness to get through. Winning a Grammy in 2012 for F.A.M.E the platinum artist has also played in movies from Stomp the yard, to this Christmas and a couple other movies. Despite his demons you can tell Chris is really trying to make the best and prove that he is worth it. A lot of people didn't expect for him to still be relevant after the incident with Rihanna back in 2009, and people are still bringing the issue up today.

Rihanna has since than forgiven him and both have moved on but the media has reminded him of his past demons. Nevertheless, the man continues to make number one hits and all his past albums have went gold. Shout out to the breezy fans for sticking with him. With that being said is Chris Brown this generations King of R&B? I'll say this and be done... I believe he is, he is constantly coming out with new jams and lets be honest the man can dance, a great entertainer. They can discredit him and bring up his flaws but he is always showing how he doesn't care and will keep doing his thing.


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