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Can We Get A Black Male Gymnast In The World Championship?

Donnell Whittenburg in the AT&T American Cup

So the Black culture has Simone Biles as the Black gymnastics female breaking records now we also have the male version. Donnell Whittenburg is his name and he is aiming to participate in the Worlds Championship. Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1994,

The 24 year old is certainly making a name for himself. He won a bronze medal in 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship. He was the 2014 National Champion on vault, and is the 2015 U.S champion on rings. The 24 year old has a gymnastic skill named after him, known as the Whittenburg or the triple piked dismount on still rings. This skill is known as one of the most difficult to master in gymnastics. The stigma of a black man participating in gymnastics haven't been positive, so to this is amazing and great for the culture. Never mind the tights, we all have brothers, and male cousins who could hit a back flip practically anywhere from the banister on the porch, middle of the street or the tree that sat in front of the house.

Donnell mastering the rings during the U.S Championship in Kansas Missouri

Donnell participated in the US gymnastics Championship. Coming in third place and receiving the Bronze middle on the rings, Whittenburg was placed back on the National Team. This meant a lot to him. As he stated he began cramping during the competition but used his mental strength to push through. Whittenburg stated: "Its just determination to get what I need to do, to get on the National team. If you really want something, it doesn't matter what your going through because you're going to do it. You're just going to try to do it as best you can." On August 10th officials announced to the 24 year old, he placed 7th place all around at the U.S Championship. Having a strong mind and determination to make the team gave this Bronze medal winner an opportunity to not only get back on the National team but he will be at the World selection camp. This will give him an opportunity to try for the Artistic Gymnastics World Championship.

The World Championship will take place in Stuttgart, Germany, on October 4th through the 13th. Donnell top priority during the United States gymnastics championship in Kansas, Missouri, was making the national team and that he did. Whittenburg told reporters; "It just kinda shows myself that I'm still in the game, and just shows everyone that even though I was injured for a little bit, don't ever count me out." He stated "That was kind of my mentality after the competition." The Baltimore native hasn't been on the national team sine 2017 so this was his time to prove to himself and get the chance to participate in the World Championship.


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