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Call me Coco vs Naomi Osaka

After a hard mental match between fans favorite Coco Gauff and World Champion Naomi Osaka, the two shared a heart warming moment.

Competing in the US Open match, the two went head to head in the two matches. Although Gauff (15) was matched with Osaka(21) in the first match, the 15 year old began to have double faults that were pretty costly. In the end Osaka defeated Gauff in the third round with a score of 6-3, 6-0. Making Osaka the defending champion and giving her the opportunity to play in the fourth round against Swiss 13th seed Belinda Bencic. Coco had some emotional moments as she tried hard to fight back tears. After losing the match against Osaka she began to pack her bags and leave because she didn't want to cry in front of anyone. Osaka walked over to her and asked her to join her interview and thank her fans for supporting her anyway. After a couple of persuasion Coco decided to join the interview.

The heart warming gesture Osaka gave to Coco shows her maturity and kindness. Gauff stated she plays like an enemy on the court, but a best friend off the court. The two gave each other gratitude and showed the world what humility looks like. To see the underdog and the worlds number one go head up was a great match. To see them show the most amazing sportsmanship conduct is even better.


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