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Build-A-Bear Shutdown Stores Due To Crowds

Today turned out to be a hectic day for Build-A-Bear Workshops around the World.

Announced earlier this week Build-A-Bear kicks off its newest campaign celebrating birthdays with "Pay Your Age Day". Customer were given the option to pay the child's current age as the price for a new fluffy friend, in not only the US but Canada, and the United Kingdom as well.

In one location its told it opened doors at 10am and closed them by 11am. With lines reaching up to 2500 people. As of July 12th you can pay your age for a special birthday treat during your birthday month as part of a "Count Thier Candles" promotion, which they say will last all year long. If you were unlucky and weren't able to participate today at any of the locations you were given $15 Vouchers for a future visit.

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