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Bounty Tank Back On The Hunt

Akron‘s Own Bounty Tank is back in the prowl this time for a misdemeanor suspect with a warrant for obstruction. After a brief Hunt as more often than none he gets his man.

Tank starts the episode by indicating he doesn’t understand why people miss court for such trivial matters such as misdemeanor warrants, Tank has sent word through his secretary Valerie to the suspect, and his family that he’s wanted with calls going ignored, Which leads us to the next hunt. Bounty Tank actually strives to educate that he can help with certain charges such as to the point where he can get you in and out. Felonies are a little more stringent he admits, but he can help, but it won't be a in and out process. After receiving a call from his secretary about a location he and his assistant on the case Mike Trimble take action.

In a conversation with the brother of the assailant who co-signed his bond, Tank had to explain to him that he plans to kick in his door looking for the fugitive if his whereabouts aren't revealed. Which then led to the brother explaining he’ll have more info once he gets off work. Later in the episode the brother indeed calls back, and It’s told that the fugitive is staying with one of his girlfriends and that he’s driving her car and that’s the best way to knows he’s there.

Sure enough after a 3 hour wait they catch him trying to enter the home of his girl which he subsequently entered in cuffs. Even after the hunt and the disrespect the Famed Bounty Hunter felt for his staff he still ended up helping the guy out with a in and out process and given yet another chance.

Check Out the episode here


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