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Boogie Threatening Childs Mother, Arrest Warrant Out

Demarcus Cousins has really been having a rough summer. After tearing his ACL last month and still recovering from a torn Achilles from 2018. Cousins missed most of last season with the Golden Warriors. The NBA All Star signed one year contract with the LA Lakers this past month. He just got married over the past weekend to Morgan Lang. He should be enjoying his new wife and preparing for a new season with a new team and recovering from a torn ACL right? Well as if nothing could get worse for the kid. Former ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child Christy West has filed a restraining order against he NBA player stating he has choked her and physically and verbally assaulted her. West told USA Today that since filing the restraining order an arrest warrant has been put out against Cousins. No SWAT team or bails bondmen will be out hunting for him but he will probably have to turn himself in.

Just recently a recording of Cousins talking to West about allowing their son to attend his wedding this past weekend. After West stated she was not allowing their son to attend the wedding Cousins then threatened to shoot her in the head. The exact reason for why she didn't allow their son to attend the wedding is unknown According to USA Today sports Mobile, Alabama police department received the recording last Friday after West turned it in to police and filed a restraining order. Cousins is only allowed supervised visits with their 7 year old son. As of now Their department has not confirmed whether the voice on the recording is Demarcus but they are investigating thoroughly. TMZ post the recording on Tuesday of the voice recording of Christy West and allegedly Cousins.

Whenever there is a dispute between parents the child someone ends up being the true victim. Not sure why West didn't want her son to attend his fathers wedding but some say the new Mrs Demarcus Cousins aka Morgan Lang was friends with Christy and they all went to high school together. Of course everyone is siding with Cousins and calling West a bitter baby mom and stating she is being petty. Whatever the reason for why West did not allow their son to attend the wedding is unknown but on one deserves to be threatened the way she did. It's also unknown if that was Cousins on the recording or not but a man in his position should have known better than to talk so vulgar over the phone.

Although he has been having a difficult summer, it's no excuse when you allow temporary situations to control your emotions. As far as Christy being bitter I am not sure that is the issue as West is currently dating 49ers Jimmie Ward and has been dating for a couple of years now. I believe there is more to the story. Not sure if West and Lang have issues or not but you can't judge a story based off of biased information. The NBA officials are investigating the record and hopefully get to the bottom of the issue. No statement has been published what this arrest warrant means for Cousins NBA career.


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