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Black Kid Gets Attacked By White Students

In Polk county, Florida parents of a 12 year old middle school student are fighting the school system due to a video that went viral last week of their son being attacked, at R.W. Blake Academy.

The 7th grader is seen in the video trying to walk away as one of the students, who is said to be in 8th grade continues to attack him.You can hear the student recording saying to let the kids fight as they all laugh and hype up the scene. Two other students seem to try to step in but doesn't seem to succeed at breaking the fight up. The P.E. teacher was reportedly "in the area" during the incident but the whereabouts are still in questioned. The student doing the attacking was suspended for 10 days and arrested and charged with simple battery. The schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd addressed video incident during a news conference stating the school officials are doing a complete investigation on the video as well as the students and the teachers whereabouts during the altercation. Byrd stated it is unknown if the student will come back after suspension. The other students involved were also disciplined. When asked if the fight was racial motivated Byrd stated " I can't say if race was involved. It shouldn't happen to any kid, no kid should come to school and have that happen to them."

Mr. and Mrs. Springfield are upset with the way the school handled the incident. Mrs. Springfield states in the video she was not happy with being the last person to know about her son being attacked. Mr. Springfield has taken to social media and is getting as much coverage as possible so that the school cannot sweep this under the rug.

Some are saying the video shows the 7th grader getting jumped by the other 3 students. I am not 100% sure as to if this is accurate. It looks like the other two students were casually trying to stop the 8th grader but also thought it was funny. This is a situation that happens a lot in school especially. It's good to have the school give the bystanders discipline action, because usually when someone is getting bullied, no-one does anything about it. The 7th grader doesn't even look like he is trying to fight back but the 8th grader was committed to beating on him.

What started this incident is still unknown but police officials believe it was due to some words being said. Should the 7th grader had fought back? He would have gotten suspended instead of being looked at as the victim. However, you are suppose to defend yourself right? The fact that the gym teacher didn't hear the altercation, questions how far the teacher was from the locker room. However there is also other students the teacher has to watch as well, so many questions in the situation. Should the parents pull their son out of the school as a whole?


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