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Black Impala Shooting In Akron

Not Actual Car Or Description

Black Impala shooting...

The start of March Madness!!! Over the past weekend there has been reports through social media of a 2006 or older Black Impala with tinted windows and no license plate has been riding around shooting at random people’s cars, homes and anyone in the area. The shooting incident has been reported in Kenmore as well as the East side of Akron. However, the vehicle has been spotted in many other areas of the city. Authorities have not commented about this past weekend shooting or made any public statement.

However, Akron residents report this has been going on for a couple of weeks now. It has been reported at least 5 people have been shot including a baby and at least one person dead from gun shot injuries. Last Saturday in Kenmore, a 35 year old man stated he was sitting in his car, when he seen a black impala shooting out their car window. The man was grazed on his head but no life-threatening damages. No suspects have been apprehended and still unknown as to why anyone would be going around shooting at innocent people. Also, Last week on the Northwest side of Akron a 70 year old woman was driving and was shot at but thankfully survived escaped with unharmed. She told Akron police she saw the car in front of her come to a complete stop and as she maneuvered around it, suspects open fire and her car was hit twice. Reports of a shooting took place last week in the afternoon, yes broad day light…. just steps away from a preschool center on Thurmont road. This is the same area the 70 year old woman was shot at.Police state they have stepped up security in the area. Police are unaware if this incident is related to the Impala shooter.

A lot of shootings have taken place in Akron the past couple of weeks. Police say they do not know if the suspects have a specific target as these shootings have taken place in multiple areas of Akron. No further reports of the impala suspects but residents are alarmed and a bit skeptical as this vehicle has been riding around Akron for about a month shooting at cars, and hitting innocent bystanders but the police have not been able to apprehend or get any leads on the suspect. The Impala has ironically been spotted in areas where predominantly African American reside. This raises some questions, as to who is really behind the tinted windows and why haven’t the police caught them yet? This is a time to be aware of your surroundings.


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