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Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Bernie Sanders joins the 2020 Presidential Race…

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced yesterday he will be running in the 2020 presidential election. As you can recall,Sanders lost the democratic race back in 2016 to Hillary Clinton by .25% of the votes. The 2016 democratic runner up sat with CBS co-host John Dickerson and discussed his strategy on why he will be taking another shot at the presidential seat. Bernie discusses how he will continue to propose to have free tuition for public colleges, free Universal Health care and let’s not forget he is a big advocate for social inequality and raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. Sanders is a big advocate for employee rights, As he has previously outed Amazon and Walmart for the way they treat and pay their employees. Bernie Sanders has an extensive history in politics as he was the mayor for Burlington, NC from 82-89, had a seat at the US House from 91-07 and since than has been the senator of Vermont.

Although Bernie is running for the Democratic party, he doesn’t identify to be a democrat but rather a “Democratic Socialist”. This will of course raise a couple of eyebrows from his opponents. Mr. Sander’s is all for economic development, an advocate for racial inequality, health care reform, concerns for global warming policy and wants to undo the tax break on the 1% to help end the “rich getting rich and the poor getting poor” statement. The 77-year-old Senator will have a little more competition as the 2020 election already has 11 democrats, 6 of which are women.

There is also a buzz that former Vice President Joe Biden may be running as well. Biden states he will be announcing in a couple of days. Sounds like Bernie may have more of a challenge on his hands as oppose to the 2016 election. Of course, there is no presidential election without a little bit of scandal. It appears that there may have been some gender inequality and sexual harassment accusations between his 2016 campaign party members. A couple of women spoke out against their treatment during the campaign. Sanders told CBS it was true and stated certain employees should not have been hired and will have a proper training for all employees to prevent such an incident from happening again. Another crutch in Bernie’s campaign seems to be getting the black community on his side. During the 2016 campaign Sanders only had 20% of the black vote.

In January Bernie began visiting the southern states and talking with the locals, business owners and other politicians to get to know their needs and wants as well as getting his political view out there. African Americans in the southern states made up 60% of the democratic vote during the last election. So, visiting the southern states is imperative for Bernie. Mr. Sanders did not come to play, as he has already raised over 3.3 million dollars for his campaign, doubling how much he raised in 2016. There have been some eyebrow raisers regarding Mr. Sanders age. Say he wins the presidential election, he will be 79 years old during the inauguration. Bernie states “it shouldn’t matter about a person’s age, race or gender as long as their views are for the American people”.

Although Bernie has some history in the presidential election which could be great for his approach, he has a bit of challenge between the other candidates, getting more black votes and smoothing out this sexual harassment scandal. The 2020 election is going to be very interesting to say the least.

CBS full interview


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