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Bahamian's Stranded In Water Filled Homes

Hurricane Dorian Destruction In Bahamas

The aftermath of Hurricane Dorian has left Islanders with a limited of anything. Homes flooded, families sitting on roofs recording from their phones and calling for help.

Weather Forecast was expecting Dorian to possibly get to a category 3 with a chance of reaching 4 once it hit Florida. Things took a turn for the worse when Dorian went to category 5 with high winds of 160 mph, turning over cars, crushing homes causing residents to sit on their roofs. Freeport, Bahamas Police Chief stated to residents over the radio to remain calm and share their GPS coordinates and stating: " We are unable to get to You." The storm is so bad that the rescue team has to wait until the storm surpassed before they can get to anyone. Residents are uploading videos and pictures on social media of the damages the hurricane caused to their homes.

At least 5 people have reportedly been killed in the destruction of the storm. Officials report the storm is heading towards Florida and will be making a major impact. Residents in Georgia, and the Carolina's are taking precaution by boarding their homes and grabbing sand bags. No one wants to take a chance on what the storm may cause in the States. The Red Cross and other aids are taking donations, however Bahama residents on twitter are posting aid shelters they trust to send your donations too.


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