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August and It’s National Awareness

August is the month of awareness. I mean a lot of awareness from breastfeeding awareness, national romance, national anti-terrorism, national immunization month. As you can see we have a lot to cover. My favorite topic is breastfeeding. I am all for natural, healthy nutrients and breastfeeding is ultimately the best way to go. For one is cheaper however, it is more time consuming. Nevertheless, its so worth the time when you know your baby is getting the best nutrition in the most effective way. As long the mother is eating healthy the baby is healthy as well. I always hear how humans are the only living beings on this earth that don't drink their own milk. Well Breast milk benefits everyone, maybe not so much the nipples at first but with time and practice the baby can latch great.

The University of Maryland Medical Center experts state immediately after birth Mom and baby should do a complete skin to skin and breast feed within the first hour of birth. This will help get the newborn acclimated with mom and the new feeding process. The skin to skin will help build the bond of mother and child and make the breast feeding process a little more easier. The major concern with breast feeding is the latching on part. Its important to have a correct latch as an ineffective latch can cause soreness to the nipple, causing cracked skin, Bleeding, making breastfeeding a discomfort to practice. However, it doesn't have to get that far in depth. Medical experts state the best way to know the baby has latched correctly is there is no clicking no, if you hear that you should unlatch and try again. The babies mouth should be fully on the aureole. Sounds funny but pretty much the babies mouth should make duck lips around the aureole to be effective. Experts say for the first 6 months the baby should only drink breast milk. No water, no milk, Nothing, until pedestrian says otherwise. It is also recommended babies get breast feed the full first year of their life. Amazing thing with breast milk is, it changes based on the child's growth. As the child grows the milk is adjusted naturally. Experts state babies who are breastfeed have a low chance of getting sick and less trips to the hospital.

For the first 3 to 5 days after birth, Your body will be producing Colostrum (also known as the first milk after birth, until the breast milk is fully developed. Of course this does not cause any harm to the baby and in fact it is natural and part of the process. Breastfeeding is convenient because you don't have to worry about fixing a bottle, warming up milk, buying milk. You are the milk supply and at any moment including the wee hours of the night when Baby is hungry you are available. If you are a working mom no worries, you can still breastfeed once you go back to work. There are a number of different breast pumps you can use to get your milk out and store milk for your child to eat while your at work. To be sure of enough milk stay hydrated with liquids. Water is always the best go to but juices are good. Just remember what you intake the baby does too. Which brings me to my next topic. Ladies I know you like your wine and going a whole year without having a glass of wine after a long week of work sounds crazy right. Well the CDC states 1 glass is not harmful as long as you are not breastfeeding or pumping for 2-3 hours. It is stated for every glass you should wait 2-3 hours after. I personally don't recommend it for mothers who are not using the breast pump. Of course no alcohol at all when you are breast feeding is always the best option. Alcohol found in breast milk can cause growth and sleeping issues for the child. So no drinking wine but your child will be amazingly healthy.

Here is an article from March of Dimes breastfeeding guide.

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