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August Alsina Denies Clout Record

So the whole ordeal with Jada Pickett Smith and August Alsina "entanglement" situation has had the internet restless with memes, jokes, opinions and more. Recently August dropped his latest record featuring Rick Ross called.. wait for it... "Entanglement". The song is catchy and if it wasn't for the negativity of it the song is actually good to listen to. Now a lot of people are assuming the song is for clout. Since the red table talk, the word "Entanglement" has been used in almost everything as a joke. So August decided to be optimistic by using his talent and creating a song. Once again the question of clout chasing has become the topic for the Louisiana artist. Honestly this looks like a situation of turning something negative into a positive outcome. Entanglement has over 6 million views on youtube and was in number 2 spot on Apple Music for a couple of days.

The way the internet can be so cruel and how everyone has made his life situation a joke but has the audacity to question if he is clout chasing because he decided to make a song about it. He went on Lil Wayne's podcast to clear up the rumors and make it clear it was not for clout. August stated he lost out on business because of the interview and wanted to just reveal the truth on the situation from his perspective. It was not about clout but he wanted to make it clear he was not trying to push up on anyones wife. Instead of just looking like a bad guy he wanted to make it clear on what exactly it was. August admitted once his sister died his situation with Jada ended.

Assuming it was not for clout but to clear the air for his respectable business partners. The song is a song worth listening to, even if it was for clout. It wasn't a diss record, and he didn't take any negative shots at Jada. In fact since their situation leaked he hasn't said anything negative about her or her husband, even after she down played their love affair for just a situationship. He still goes on interviews stating that he loves her and how he has grown from, stating the situation "Brought out the king in me". August has continued to drop his music despite the talk on the internet.

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