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ASAP released from jail

Update on the Asap story. After almost a month of being in jail rapper Asap Rocky was released last Friday August 2nd. He flew home to the states after a 2 day trial on August 3rd. As you can recall Rocky and his entourage was an a brief scuffle in Stockholm's Sweden, where he was getting ready to perform at the music festival.

Asap posted a video July 2nd on his Instagram, showing the incident that lead up to the fight. The video shows two Sweden residents following Rocky and his crew. You can see a couple of times, Rocky ask's them to stop following them. In another video (not posted by Rocky) you can see one of the alleged victims throwing heads phones at Rocky's bodyguard. Asap was the only one arrested and charged with Assault on the 19 year old. It was reported the two men following the rapper, also had a separate pending charge for assault and child molestation.

Asap Rocky with his lawyer and co-defendants after being released from Sweden jail

During the two day trial Asap Rocky testified on his account of what took place. Hopefully the videos will give him some leverage. After the trial the Judge released him until the next court date. The verdict will be heard on August 14. If convicted the rapper will be sentenced to 6 months in a Swedish prison. The prosecutor on the case decided to cut a break and lightened a 2 year sentence to 6 months. The rapper stated he believes community service is more appropriate. The rapper who's real name is Rakim Mayers didn't waste anytime getting back with friends and family. He was spotted at Kanye West's weekly Sunday service and talking with his Ex Kylie Jenner.

This case has received a lot of attention from other celebrities who have posted on social media welcoming the rapper back home. The rapper went on his IG and posted how he was thankful for the support and happy to be home. It was reported the rapper has lost over $100,000 due to being locked up in prison and if he is acquitted of all charges, Sweden will be responsible for paying him time lost. This situation isn't keeping Mayers down, he performed at a music festival in Anaheim, California this past weekend. The festival featured performances by Cardi B and Big Sean. Rocky stated to the crowd " Y'all don't understand. I'm so happy to be here right now".


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