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Amazon Isn't The Only Place Catching Wild Fires

According to the the Amazon rain forest is not the only place catching wild fires. It's been reported that the Brazilian rain forest has been on fire for over a month, with over 2,000 fires among the 2.12 million square miles.

Although it took a couple of weeks for coverage, as the Indigenous people were protesting stating construction workers set fire to build on the land. Unfortunately a lot of sacred land that was cherished by the tribes are being burned and forcing tribes to move out. Not to mention the fires have caused pollution issues in the nearby towns. Some people reported the sky getting dark at 3pm. Pictures of the wildlife that were not able to get out in time surfaced and it was very heartbreaking to say the least. According to CNN, France has decided to donate $20 million to the war on the wild fires taking place in Brazil. Apparently there was some words exchanged between the two presidents and Bolsonaro president of Brazil wants an apology from the president of France for insulting him and saying it's his fault the rain forest is on fire. The rain forest has been loosing acres for the past couple of years now. The need to get the fires under control is imperative.

Africa is also going through wild fires in Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo. These fires are more than what the Amazon has gotten. With Angola reporting almost 7,000 fires and DR Congo at a near 4,000. Apparently this is something the farmers do every year right around rain season. Unlike the Amazon fires the Anglo and DR Congo are using the fires to help start a new crop field. The farmers call this the slash and burn technique. Although this is a much faster and easier way it could be damaging to the soil and biodiversity.

A lot of social media has been outraged considering there hasn't been a lot of coverage concerning the fires but considering the fires were done purposely for the sake of getting new planting. The farmers are the ones who does the fires. Not the same as the Amazon fires in which those fires were reportedly done on purpose but for selfish reasons, that actually effects the people who live in the area. I personally think the fires always seem to happen during the summer time. Even here in the states, California seems to catch fire every summer.


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