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Amazon Is Coming To Town

Amazon Fulfillment Center

The secret is out, Amazon is coming to set up 2 fulfillment centers one in Akron, Ohio and one in Rossford near Toledo, making this their 7th and 8th center in Ohio. Amazon confirmed Monday of their plans of building a fulfillment center where the old Rolling Acres Mall once stood. The rumor started last July when the city put Rolling Acres mall up for sale. In February 2019 a blueprint was drawn up by the developers and published in the Akron Beacon Journal.

Although it hadn't been confirmed at the time, there was whispers as to what the blue print was for. It has been reported that Amazon bought the 107 acres, plus purchased a couple of the private lots that were vacated but owned. Those lots were purchased for about $3 million. Not surprised considering that Amazon owner Jeff Bezo was named in the Forbes as the wealthiest man in the world thanks to Amazon stocks. I thought Warren Buffet was the richest but he is actually the 3rd and coming in 2nd is Bill Gates of course. With this new project making its way in, Amazon is looking to bring in a center that will create over 2,500 job opportunities in Ohio, in which 1,500 of those jobs will be in Akron.

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan states "This is the single largest job creating project we have undertaken in a generation." Amazon developers are looking to build a 4 story distribution center on Romig Road. Amazon has a minimum wage of $15 a hour, full health care benefits, tuition reimbursement and full time opportunities. For those who have never worked in such an environment will complete ongoing training. All employees will be subjected to a couple of weeks of training to get knowledge on job duties and functions.

The project is anticipated to start construction September 2019 and expect completion by Summer 2020. As for employment opportunities, it's reported the hiring process will begin by September 2020. This is a great economic opportunity for the city of Akron and a great job opportunity for the residents to find employment. As of now the city is currently working on construction on Romig Road and I-76 making the road a breeze for commuters, once the center opens.


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