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AB says "No Helmet, No Player"

Antonio Raider new to the Oakland Raiders

Wide Receiver Antonio Brown is off on a rough start this season as he is on a one man strike with the NFL and trying to recuperate from the frostbite on his foot, he received in France during his cryotherapy. What is cryotherapy you ask? I am so glad you asked because I had to look it up myself. Cryotherapy is another form of low temperature therapy treatment, a lot of athletes are using to treatment abnormal or dead skin. It's similar to taking a ice bath but 10 times.

AB went to France and received the treatment but later had difficulties with his feet for not wearing proper foot wear in the machine. The wide receiver posted a picture on IG of his feet and how bad they looked. Although his feet are pretty bad and he was a little late, He is still showed up to training camp and practiced. Good thing his foot injury is temporary, as the skin can heal within a couple of weeks. Brown should be ready to go before the season starts.

Brown was traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers team to The Oakland Raiders this season. The league announced they were cancelling and recalling all old helmets made by Schutt Air Advantage Helmet company who are no longer certified by NOCSAE. AB wasn't too happy about it and had a 2 hour conference call last Friday with an independent arbitrator to discuss the importance of him keeping his helmet. Unfortunately Brown lost the battle with the league, and AB was among over 32 other players including Patriots Tom Brady that were called to return their old equipment and get new ones.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association wants to keep players equipment up to date with safety regulations and have had the regulation since 2015 any equipment 10 years or greater needs to be returned. Equipment must be certified through The National Operating Committee for Standards and Athletic Equipment in order for players to wear them. Brown stated he will not play if cannot wear his helmet, that he has had since Pittsburgh. Some say AB's one man strike is immature and unnecessary. Considering he is already sitting on the side due to having a foot injury and now this helmet strike. His start of a new season with his new team is not going well. Stephen A. called him Petty, childish and his actions uncalled for. Can the Raiders deal with AB's behavior? Is it too late to turn back? Let's hope he can shape up and be ready soon.


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