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AB Accused of Rape

The Wide Receiver Antonio Brown is back in the news again and again it is not good. Brown is having a hot boy year and hot as in the he needs to cool down expeditiously. Antonio's fitness trainer Brittney Taylor have filed a civil lawsuit, against him for emotional damage as she is accusing him of sexual assault.

Although the lawsuit is civil, it can become criminal once an investigation has been completed. Brown once the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL has been traded 3 times, caught frost bite on his feet, got into it with the NAA about helmet differences, got into a dispute with Raiders GM and more all in less than a six month time span. People are calling him the worst NFL player due to so much publicity on his name. Now the biggest publicity of it all, the accusation of sexual assault on his fitness trainer not just once but on three separate occasions in 2017 and 2018 per Taylor.

A video has surfaced on social media exposing a little more than business relationship between Brown and Taylor. It looks like they may have had some personal things going on outside of their business situation. Videos of Brown and Taylor in the bed together and cuddled up has brought the rape allegation to raise a lot of questions. Brittney has asked for 75k in her lawsuit and has not been in touch to speak with anyone.

Eyebrows are rising as the file of just a lawsuit rather than a criminal lawsuit makes one wonder if Taylor is just adding fuel to the fire or if this is something that is more. Now with the issue with rape one can not always accuse people based off hearsay however, the way AB has been in the news people are more prone to believing a story of a guy who is constantly being frowned upon for something. This is a lot and the question if Brown will play a game this weekend or not is up in the air.


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