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A$AP vs. Sweden

Rap artist A$ap Rocky has been charged yesterday with assault by Sweden prosecutors due to an altercation that took place June 30th before a music festival. The rapper whose real name is Rakim Mayers has been detained in a Sweden jail since July 3rd. The altercation took place on the streets of Stockholm Sweden. The platinum Grammy nominated artist and his team were allegedly followed by two young guys and harassed, provoking A$ap and his team to a fight. The reason is unknown as to what really started the altercation, but what started off as a stalking situation ended with a fight. So many questions as to why this incident happened. Reports have been stated the young guys who were following the artist have prior criminal records but were not charged in this incident. In fact, Sweden authorities are treating them as the victims. The rapper is facing 2 years in prison if things do not go well at his court date, The court date has been scheduled within the next two weeks.

Rocky posted a video of the incident in which you can see him and his team were trying to walk away from the issue. The video was posted on Rocky's Instagram. Prosecutors state they will be using the videos as evidence to the case. Again this situation raises a lot of eye brows as to how Rocky is the only one out of his team in jail. Even the body guard was released. The two young boys who were following them were cleared of all charges, and claimed self defense for hitting the body guard with his head phones.

Body Guard talking with alleged victim, A$ap Rocky in white hoodie

Rapper G-Easy posted on Twitter the racial injustice taken place overseas. Due to the fact that he was charged with assault and drug possession and was let out within a day. A$ap commented from his cell stating "This is not a race issue." Is he being target for being Black, a rapper or is it more to the story? Are they trying to make an example of him? The issue has raised a lot of awareness due to so many unanswered questions. Trump reached out to the Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to talk about A$ap release but the prime minister stayed firm with their decision to leave Rocky in jail until trial takes place. People are Nostalgic about a comment A$ap made in an interview back in 2016 in which he stated he wasn't no Al Sharpton when asked about the Ferguson issue. Now roles have been reversed and his incident is something people want to speak out about.

What is the issues with rappers going overseas and getting into altercations with fans. If you can recall just a couple days ago rapper Future and his body guard hand an issue in the UK. It was reported that the rapper declined a photo with a couple of "fans" and that caused an uproar with the London natives. The result ended with Future's body guard getting knocked out with a rock. Comments surfaced as to why Future didn't help his body guard and the reason is clear. Had he helped there is a chance he would be sitting in the same situation as Rocky. Is American rappers getting targeted overseas? Are other countries just fed up with American's and there ways? The million dollar question is where is Jay Z when you need him?


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