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6IX9INE Snitches On Tr3Way

Well it has all came to a boiling point and Tekashi69 can’t handle the heat.

From numerous reports and media outlets the charismatic artist and former self proclaimed King of New York Tekashi has walked into an empty New York courtroom with only his Attorney the District Prosecutor with the Judge, and has willingly admitted to paying for shootings and selling drugs as well as being involved in robberies as of January 23rd and he will be sentenced January 2020. The reason the courts set it for that long out is simply because the Prosecutor believes all other cases vs Tr3yWay will be wrapped up by then. The gang has reportedly been habing sex with his babymom as well as putting threats on his life,

After facing life in prison Tekashi has made the decision to save himself in this situation pleading guilty to the Chief Keef shooting amongst other crimes. He also only admits to joining the gang sometime in 2017 to again save himself from further indictments the Tr3yWay Bloods have actually been being investigated since 2013 according to court records. So by saying he joined in 2017 6IX9INE will save him from any charges the rest of the members may receive before he joined.

What are are your thoughts on the rise & fall of Tekashi69.


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