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49ers Richard Sherman Pays Off School Lunch Debt For Students

'Tis the season for a giving spirit. 49ers Richard Sherman Paid over $27,000 of School lunch debt for students in Tacoma, Washington and Santa Clara, California. Sherman is known for giving back to communities in need. As a couple of weeks ago he helped restock food at the Maple Valley Food Bank and other charities throughout Washington State through his Blanket Coverage Foundation. The Richard Sherman Family Foundation was created in 2013 by Sherman himself, to provide students in low-income communities with school supplies and clothes.

Sherman believes this will help students achieve their full potential and adequately achieve their goals. Since forming the foundation, Sherman and the Blanket Coverage Foundation has donated school supplies to students across America. Sherman was Honored for his volunteer work after NFLPA gave him the community MVP award.

Students at Roosevelt Elementary in Tacoma Wash, sent the football player thank you letters after his generous donation. Students from three grade levels were coached on writing letters to the giving Richard Sherman. His foundation has raised over $1.5 million helping over 70,000 families. Hopefully others will pick up the generous spirit as there are over 75% of all school districts in the US claimed lunch debt at the end of the academic year. Of Course Presidential Candidate Julian Castro has made eliminating school lunch debt and making Free Breakfast and Lunch Programs to all students apart of his presidential campaign. May the generous spirit spread to others who have the ability to help out.


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