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Gucci Mane Snitched On Ralo

A new fire has been set off in Hip Hop.... Atlanta Hip Hop artist Young Scooter has recently went to IG live debuting a track that states he'll never do a song with Gucci Mane, and within the same couple bars states that "p***y n*ggas snitched on Ralo" on leaving the Hip Hop world to only wonder was he talking about Gucci?

According to sources Ralo has since came out to claim that he was not dissing Gucci Mane or even saying he snitched on Ralo. Ralo who is a young Atlanta artist was arrested back in April at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport.

Feds claim the rapper, born Terrell Davis, was found with $840,000 worth of marijuana on a plane at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta on one occasion, and $1 million worth of pot on another. They also allege he has a leadership role in a street gang called Famerica, the title of Ralo's record label.

We will see how this latest Hip Hop fiasco turns out... What are your thoughts?!

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