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20 People Dead After One Car Loses Control

SCHOHARIE, N.Y. - It's being reported that a Limo carrying a wedding party killed 20 people in the wake of the accident

“That limo was coming down that hill probably over 60 miles per hour,” said Jessica Kirby, 36, the manager of the Apple Barrel Country Store, where she said multiple customers were hit in the parking lot. “All fatal.”

The hill that's being referred to a s very dangerous by the locals Alan Tavenner, the town supervisor of Schoharie, called the death toll “completely mind-boggling” in a town of 3,000. he said the site of the accident is a notoriously dangerous spot, a “nasty intersection” that transportation officials had tried to fix in the past without success. “I honestly think it was a more dangerous intersection than it was before,” he said.Route 30 leads steeply downhill to a T-intersection with Route 30A, marked with a stop sign.Ms. Kirby also said the intersection was dangerous. “We’ve had three tractor-trailer type vehicles — they come down that hill too fast, they go though our parking lot and they end up in a field behind our business,” she said.

Lester Andrews, 60, from Rochester, N.Y., said his two stepsons and a daughter-in-law were among three of the people killed in the crash. They were in the limousine.

The brothers, Axel Steenburg, 29, and Rich Steenburg, 34, lived upstate, he said. Axel Steenburg’s wife, Amy, also died in the crash, he said.

Axel and Amy, who live in Amsterdam, N.Y., and were married over the summer, had rented the limousine, he said. Some local reports said the limousine rental was related a wedding but Mr. Andrews was unsure.


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