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13yr Old Wins $900k Playing Fortnite

Apparently Fortnite is more than just a video game that came out of nowhere to become an overnight success and captured every kids attention around the globe... NOPE Fortnite obviously is a life changer as well.

Via Bleacher Report gaming a Fortnite tournament was held and from the report a 13yr old kid came away with $900k in a 5th place finish (How much did 1st place get) well we don’t know, and if your interested go ahead and goggle it. Well hold on we did it and the grand prize winner was a 16yr old kid from Pennsylvania and won $3 milli after beating out a reported 40 million players. Makes you think twice about making them cut the game off these days huh?

Here is the kids reaction after realizing what had happened to him. From what we’ve heard 900k is like 38 million in his homeland of Argentina.


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